• Men’s Club Board, History & Past Presidents

    The Men’s Club of Four Seasons at South Knolls was formed in January 2007 and became a not-for-profit service club under the HOA of Four Seasons at South Knolls in February 2007 with the election of officers and directors at the first membership meeting held in the clubhouse ballroom. Members of the governing board were: John Allen, Bob Dultz, Bill Johnson, Frank Ricucci, Steve Bass, Joe Gironda, Paul Beck, Tony Aquino, and Pat Gallagher. Committee Chairman was: Frank Muhlon, Vince Iorio, Pat DiFlavis, Phil Ianiro, Jack Davies 

    By-Laws, which included the “Purpose” of the club and defined the duties of the Officers, were presented to the membership and approved. The “Purpose” in the By-Laws was stated as follows: “The Purpose of the Men’s Club of Four Seasons at South Knolls is to foster community service and practice social interaction between men residing in the South Knolls community”.

    Scholarships and Charitable Donations 

    The Men’s Club is very active in our community and beyond and has over the years donated to many worthy causes and has organized events for the benefit of club members which at times include their spouses. 

    Scholarships were set up for students of the Jackson Memorial High School and the Katzenbach School for the Deaf. In later years the scholarship program was expanded to include the Jackson Liberty High School students and the cadets of the Jackson High School Jr. Air Force Cadets. 

    In addition, the club donates to over 40 charities (see list) within South Knolls. Other significant donations include food donations to the Jackson Open Door Pantry as well as hundreds of volunteer hours working to stock shelves, and work on the campgrounds and cabins; American Flags are presented at each major federal holiday. The Flag, Pole, and Plaque at the Jackson Veterans Memorial Gardens located on Commodore Blvd. was presented to our community by the Men’s Club. 

    Donations of fixed assets for the benefit of the South Knolls community include 2 defibrillators (AED’s), ceiling fans for the Arts & Crafts Room, 4 Benches for use by residents, and a security camera for the lobby. 

    The Marine Corps Toys for Tots program was started in 2008 with toy donations coming from residents of the FSSK community for distribution by the Marine Corps Reserve at Christmas time to needy children in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. The program was later expanded to include donations of toys to the Jackson Police Department for distribution to needy children. 

    Men’s Club charitable donations amount to over $175,000.00 since 2007.

    Year                                        President

    2007 – 2007                         John E. Allen

    2007 – 2008                        John E. Allen

    2008 – 2009                        Steve Bass

    2009 – 2010                        Patrick Gallagher

    2010 – 2011                        Frank Ricucci

    2011 – 2012                        Bob Dultz

    2012 – 2013                        Jay Lisnow

    2013 – 2014                        Gil Saltzman

    2014 – 2015                        Patrick Gallagher

    2015 – 2016                        Donald Marroto

    2016 – 2017                        Jay Lisnow

    2017 – 2018                        Joseph Martinos

    2018 – 2019                        Richard Quagliariello

    2019 – 2020                        Joseph Spizzirri

    2021                                     Vincent Scatuccio

    2022 – 2023                         Robert Curtis