• Frequency Ask Questions

    1)      Question: When I go to the site, I do not see the calendar.

    1. Answer: The calendar is behind our security layer. So, to see the calendar you must Log-in if you are already registered. Just go to the site, hover your mouse over the security tab and click on login. Enter your email address and password, click on login. When you go back to the home page you will see the calendar tab.

    2)      Question: When I try to login the system does not recognize my password.

    1. Answer: The system saves your original/last password that you registered with. If you do not put it in exactly the way you did it originally. The system thinks you are not who you say you are, and will not let you in. If you do not remember your password. Just click on “forget your password?” under the security tab login and follow the on-screen instruction from there. Remember each password must have a least one capital letter, a number and be a minimum of 8 letter/numbers long.

    3)      Question: When I am in the calendar, I cannot see the event.

    1. Answer: When the calendar is displayed it is showing you the current month. If the event you want to sign up for is in a different month. Your must change the month to the scheduled event month.

    4)      Question: When I sign up for an event. The system is asking me for money.

    1. Answer: The current system is designed for sign up only. The system shows the amount to pay for your reference. We are currently still paying by check. In the future we will activate the credit card process. At that point you will pay for events using your credit card. Our web site will not store any credit card information.

    5)      Question: Why do I have to sign up twice, once at the concierge’s desk and online?

    1. Answer: The simple answer is training. We want you to get use to signing up online, so when we activate the credit card process in the future you will already be aware of the process.

    6) After I log in I don't see the menu bar.

       1. If your computer has a small screen or your resolution on the    screen is to large.  Them the system automatically compresses the menu into a word call "navigation"  Click on navigation and the menu will be displayed.