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    Welcome to the FSSK Library Page!

    The library is open to all residents of FSSK. There is no time limit to how long a book may be borrowed, and if a resident wishes to keep a book, he/she should feel free to do so. Residents are welcome to donate gently used books or puzzles to the library. If possible, the books should be published after 2010. Hard covered books should have jackets. The library’s selection of hard covered books and large print books are located on the shelves. The cabinets below contain a selection of soft covered books. There is a book return box in which residents may drop off puzzles or books they have read or would like to donate.  Please do not leave books or puzzles in bags or boxes on the floor. Do not drop off newspapers or magazines, place them in your recycling bin at home. Thank you!  “Happy reading!” – The Library Committee


    Cancelation of the Nov 29th NJ Authors Presentation.  Unfortunately, the Library Committee had to cancel the event.  For those of you who are interested in learning about the authors or purchasing their books, please visit their contact pages.  

    • Wendy Lynn Decker, social media Freelancer and Author of the novel “Sweet Tea.”  Click Here
    • Helen Kelly, Slice of Life Author of “Senior Shorts.” Click Here
    • William J. Lewis, Author of Adult and Childrens books highlighting the New Jersey Pine Barrens.  “New Jersey’s Lost Piney Culture” and “Adventure with Piney Joe – Exploring the New Jersey Pine Barrens.” Click Here

    FALL 2022

    Thank you to the community for providing the library with the two new sets of stacking tables.  Please remember, no food or drinks are allowed in the library. We appreciate the positive feedback we have received from the community regarding the care the committee gives to the book stacks, puzzles, and large print books.

    Library Events

    • April 25, 2023 – Genealogy 102 Europe and Asia
    • Final Date & Speaker to be Announced. The Library Committe plans to present the second half of our Genealogy series on searching for Ancestors throughout Europe and part of Asia. Our first presentation, “Genealogy 101,” was extremely popular with our residents. The presentation will be free to FSSK residents.  More information to follow.

    Library Committee

    JudyAnn Searing – Chairperson

    Hilary Alvo

    Debbie Kullback

    Debora Scatuccio

    Peg Sweeney

    Board Liaison – Assist. Property Manager 

    The FSSK Library Committee is comprised of resident members who volunteer to work in harmony with the FSSK Management Liaison and maintain the books and puzzles in the library.

    The committee also highlights books in the “Library Corner” and apprise the residents of upcoming library sponsored events. To contact the Library Committee please use the email contact form. 

    Library Contact Form

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