• Zoom Directions

    • You will get a link to Zoom from the Men’s Club Administrator, through email.
    • When you click on that link and you have not used Zoom before, your computer will ask you to install a client (program on your computer).
    • Click OK. It is safe to install. If you are using a Tablet or cell phone it will ask you to install a Zoom app. In either case load the software.
    • Once the software is installed you should see a button to launch the meeting or join the meeting. Click on that button.
    • Once in the Zoom video screen you may have to click on the button join the meeting, to activate the video.
    • You should now be active within Zoom and the host should see you.

    A couple of items you should be aware of:

    1)    On the lower part of the Zoom screen is “chat” button. If you click on “chat” it will open chat session to the right of the zoom screen. You can now type a question that all will see.

    2)    In the upper right had corner of the Zoom screen is a “more” button. When you click on it, you will see an option to raise your hand. This is an indicator to ask a question to the host, and you are waiting to be recognized.

    3)    On the lower part of the Zoom screen is an icon that looks like a microphone. This button mutes your microphone on your computer.

    4)    You may at first only see the host on the screen. Click on the button in the upper right-hand part of the Zoom screen that has dots. This will allow you to see multiple people. Normally the person speaking is displayed on the screen.

    Etiquette when using Zoom:

    • Once you know you have an active session with the host, click on mute. Unmute when you want to say something. It’s best to raise your hand first, so you get recognized by the host for you to speak.
    • When using Zoon, be in a well-lighted room, but no light facing the computer to avoid glare.
    • When you plan to talk, speak clearly into your computer mike.
    • Make sure you have you pants on, to avoid any embarrassment.